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Kite Surfing Safari


A kitesurfing holiday in Egypt can include anything from perfect flat, shallow waters to rolling waves. Pretty much all locations have at least 400 meter sections of water which are perfect for beginners and advanced freestyle riding.

Egypt can be split into three main areas for kitesurfing. The Red Sea which is served by Hurghada airport. The Sinai Peninsula and Gulf of Aqaba served by Sharm El Sheikh airport. And the Suez Gulf not too far from Cairo Airport.

The Red Sea is the warmest sea on Earth with an annual average temperature of 22°C. Year round air temperatures are 20–35°C+ so it never gets cold. You can kitesurf in boardies, combined with a rash vest to keep the sun at bay and stop windchill, for most of the year. A full wetsuit is only required during winter – but if you are from northern climes this may be too warm for you.

These conditions combined with the consistent katabatic winds, attracts novice and professional riders year after year. The average wind speed year round is 22 knots and you can pretty much set your watch by it. But keep an eye on Windguru to be 100% sure which kite you should be packing.

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