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07-14 November 2020

Route Highlight:beautiful cora walls and plenty of large fish, wrecks, reefs also knows with hammerheads, thresher sharks and white tip sharks. 

starting from Euros 880

Our Story

MY Galaxy 720 is drivene by a philosophy of " impossible is nothing" Hisham issa began a venture which culminated in the success, family owned venture run by Hisham and his eldest daughter Maha . They shared the dream of running thier own family business combining Hisham's  experience in the tourism industry with Maha's experience in the hospitality industry at Four Seasons hotels and othe luxurious hospitaality chains. Their Service passion and shared dream drove them to set about a business where guests would want to return to. They have chose thier crew not only dependsing on technincal and practical capabilites but also share thier philosophy, who have high service passion to exceed thier guests expectations, believing that what comes from the heart goes to the heart. 

WE Believe 

that Luxury is not only provided by furniture and interiors but by the people wh serve with passion and lve, wh have attention to details nd wh strive to offer a personalized and custmized service. 

Our Mission

is to exceed our guests; expectations, by providing a genuine personalized service, comfortable and safe environment, a memorable experience and a committment to a continious  improvment. 

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