Solo Diving.. freedom to discover more than the beauty of the Red Sea

August 16, 2017


As a solo traveler, you never know what to expect. However this trip I already knew

several of the guests so the in trepidation was less than last time but the excitement no less diminished.


Day 1 As the MY Galaxy was docked in Port Ghalib, the adventure started with a 4 hour bus journey from Hurghada, a chance to share several beers and get to know everyone a little better. It wasn't long before we had demolished several cases of Sakara and treating each other like family. I must introduce a special group that organized this trip. The Crazy Saudi's! For regulars of Camel dive you may have heard of them before. If you have any preconceptions of what a Saudi Arabians are then forget it! These guys are serious fun! Predominantly very experienced instructors they take their diving and partying very seriously! So the scene was set it was going to be a fun week. But I guess the social side is not what you want to hear about.. more the here goes with the weeks diving activity.



Day 2 and we travelled a short distance to Abu Dabab for the check dive, and two other dives. Abu Dabab is a great coral reef and garden with a recent wreck of a Safari boat, so plenty of interest. With all the usual suspects of clown fish, blue spotted rays, plenty of fusiliers to keep us amused. Diving with my old 3mm wetsuit was great and I was very happy with a 65 minute dive with plenty of air left on the boat. Signs were good that I could be confident. The second dive we explored the wreck and coral gardens, the reef is like following three sides of a square, reef life was much as the prev