Tips for embarking on a diving live aboard

April 14, 2017



A live aboard is the ultimate way to live the divers dream of dive-eat-sleep-repeat. You will have maximum under water time and good diving conversations during your surface interval. It’s a great way of traveling, but don’t join a live aboard without preparing. You have to realize it’s also hard work with a daily schedule of 6:00 wake up, 6:30 first briefing, dive, breakfast, briefing, dive, lunch, briefing, dive, dinner, optional night dive and then going to bed. It’s amazing and at the same time intensive and exhausting when you are not in a good physical shape.


Here are ten tips to keep in mind before you board:


1. Take time to acclimatize

Arrive early to allow your body to acclimatize to time change and to sleep off some of the jet lag. Arriving early makes you more relaxed on a moving boat, and it makes you less prone to discomfort as seasickness.



2. Take motion sickness medication

Take motion sickness medication, just in case. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. You never know the sea conditions and you never know how your body might react. A live aboard provides a whole different motion environment. Motion sickness meds are a good precaution until you feel more comfortable in your new moving surroundings.