9 Reasons Why MY Galaxy should be your Liveaboard of Choice

January 28, 2017



If you are thinking about your next Scuba Diving Safari to the Red Sea and want to know why you should consider MY Galaxy over other liveaboards , this blog will help you to think about the best way to know your needs, prioritize them and choose the best liveaboard for you !! Everyone has his/her own priority list to choose a boat, the order may differ from one to another but the factors itself would be mostly the same.



Everyone would consider price when buying a good or service, but paying for an adventure like Breathing under water to watch and explore marine life is different & not cheap!! Once the boat sailed, there is no way back and you are stuck for a whole week with whatever you dislike in the boat. The key for an enjoyable safari trip is quality and quality is costly. Don’t run only over the cheapest offer, you have to assure quality specially while choosing a Safari trip.


Offering a high quality product is MY Galaxy management team Strategy, we don’t look for cutting costs to offer cheap prices and attract more customers, but paying more and offer the best... 

We always want our guests to have an enjoyable and safe trip. We just follow the Golden Rule "Happy Guest is the key of our Success"


Another crucial factor for choosing a liveaboard is the destination and the dive spots they offer. The itinerary of the MY Galaxy was created to maximize the fun for the divers, i.e. the dive sites can be visited at the optimal time of year. The guiding principle when this boat was designed was to stand out through great service and a unique liveaboard feeling. Experienced divers have a lot to consider while choosing a destination, like sea condition, visibility, depth & current and what do they expect to see during their dives.

MY Galaxy is lucky enough to sail in the Red Sea  that has the best sea/air conditions most of the year, but what special about us is that we offer all kinds of itineraries from North to South throughout the whole year. not only this but If you are a big group of divers and wish to have a special liveaboard trip, we tailor make your trip in terms of Route, dive sites, date & length of the trip.

3.Boat Facilities