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What our Guests Say About US

Inna Martinets,

Owner of Dive Safari Club

Dive in Safari  has been cooperating with MY Galaxy for

8 years now, from our first safari trip we fell in love with MY Galaxy . The management team is very helpful, the cleanliness, food , service  and friendly staff of the boat  are just perfect. Once you try it, you will always want to come back

Jing Li,

Field  Engineer at Schlumberger

I did 7 days live-aboard trip with galaxy on 23sep to 1 Oct 2016,, very nice boat, decent food, warming and welcoming crews for sure, they even prepared a birthday surprise for me with cake and balloons, just not lucky enough to see hammer heads and dungeon.

Bernard Lang,

Owner of Euro Divers Grand Hotel

Euro Divers  has been cooperating with MY Galaxy for 3 years, our last Diving Safari  trip was on 6th of June 2016, it was a full success and the guests were very happy and satisfied. The Crew is very good,they fulfilled all our requests. Food & drinks are very good as well.

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Ivica & Darija

Owners of Double Bubble Diving Center in Croatia

Double Bubble has started to cooperate with MY Galaxy and we had our first diving safari trip in January 2017. All the guests were satisfied.

The friendly crew is very helpful. They were very professional & every problem we had was corrected promptly & with a lot of fun. 

Dive guide is knowledgeable and professional and can be learned a lot from him. He has good communication skills and it was very nice and easy working with him.

The chef is very skilled in preparing variety of food which were always delicious. Even the vegetarians have had vast variety of food to choose.

The boat itself is big and spacious, dive locations are beautiful and overall Galaxy experience is great! It's like home away from home

Vincent Woodward

Founder of Divers Forum

Vincent Woodward

Founder of Divers Forum


Back on board the rooms have been cleaned with artistic talents exhibited with wonderful creations crafted from the towels. The ashtrays often emptied and replenished before you can finish a cigarette! All achieved in a way that nobtrusive and often without you even being aware it has happened.

At this point, there has to be a special mention for the chef. Every meal is a banquet and a delight on the palate, you are simply spoiled with culinary masterpieces which never fail to disappoint. 

The dive leader, Ekramy plays his part too, assertive in a very amiable way, he comforts you like a warm blanket while delivering his briefing’s. His passion for diving and ensuring your pleasure emanates from every syllable building your confidence that you are in safe hands.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review, a sadness prevails that all good things must come to an end. MY Galaxy is not just an experience it is a memory that rates amongst one of those that changes your life.

Let me explain, in life, there are few occasions when all the component parts of something come together in perfect unity to create a perfect whole, like an orchestra playing Beethoven’s 5th, one trumpet or drum beat out of place spoils the whole performance. MY galaxy is the diving equivalent of London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra creating a diving symphony that pleasures the senses. All the crew, Management and other guests working in harmony to create something that will be hard to surpass.

To the details of why it works so well, the craft itself is spacious, clean and very well appointed. No sprung divans here only memory foam beds for perfect comfort. Each area of the craft sympathetically lit to create the perfect atmosphere of relaxation or attention as the situation demands. No communal showers either, my cabin fitted with an en-suite bathroom that would exceed the standards of most tourist hotels. The diving area is spacious too, no fighting for space when preparing for a dive, plenty of room to ensure you enter your dive relaxed and in harmony with the oceanic ambience.

Without the staff, no operation can run efficiently and MY Galaxy is no exception. From the moment, you embark upon MY Galaxy you are embraced into the MY Galaxy Family, a wave of warm support embraces you from the crew, eager and experienced to ensure your trip is a delight. During the dive, the crew sympathetically helps you get into your equipment, helps you with your fins and when immerging from the depths, the zodiac is there waiting for you. There is no bobbing around in the ocean waiting for the zodiac to arrive, it is there with crew again eager to help remove your kit and climb aboard the zodiac.