Why  Dive Sudan ?

SUDAN enjoys a unique underwater environment as it is known with its  beautiful, colourful, pristine reefs, healthy shark populations, uncrowded dive sites, unforgettable wrecks and big schools of fish. 

When to Dive Sudan ?




The best time for diving in Sudan is between February and June. This is when the sea is the most alive and marine life is the richest. The fall months (September-November) are also favoured by divers, especially October when it is manta season in Sudan near Mesharifa reef.

What do You Expect to See?


Sharks : One of the many marine species that you will find in the waters of Sudan where you will experience thrilling encounters with many different shark species.

schools of HummerHead sharks, grey reef shark, silky shark, silvertip shark, Thresher Shark ,tiger shark, black tip reef shark, white tip reef shark.

Manta Rays, in some sites you will encounter schools of Manta rays, largest population known in the red sea. There are two species in the Manta Rays found Samller reff manta and Larger Oceanic Manta. 


Marine Turtles: In Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar island national park you can observe green turtles ,Hawksbil turtles and longerhead turtles. 

variety of fish species that include:

Butterfly fish, barracuda, snapper fish, and spiny fish.

Crustaceans and a variety of corals within the reefs of Sudan, as well as graceful rays.

Dolphins and Dugongs  are seen in the Sudan Red Sea  too. 

Diving Sites & Tours - sample Itineraries 



Far North Tour                       South Tour                        Deep South                 Ultimate Sudan Tour (2 Weeks)

             Frequently Asked Questions?

Which time zone is Sudan in?
Central-European time zone + 2 hours. There is no summer/winter savings time since 2011.

What is the weather/Water temperature like in Sudan?



Sudanese taxes and fees
The Sudanese taxes are payable in advance along with the safari rates. The Sudanese visa fee is payable in USD in cash (the exact amount) onboard upon arrival. (Only cash payments are accepted.).

What kind of clothes to wear in Sudan?
Thanks to the warm weather, light clothes made of cotton, skirts, shorts, short-sleeve T-shirts and blouses, flip-flops and sandals are the best choice. Hats, sunglasses and tanning lotion (with minimum SPF30) are also important. 

What is Sudanese cuisine like?
Iit is similar to Egyptian cuisine, very versatile, delicious and rich in fresh vegetables. The main meals are made of beef, Chicken and fresh fish is often used in the coastal regions and soups are also an important part of daily meals. The menu includes soups, fresh salads, meats, side dishes and sweets which are also available during the day along with fresh fruits. For a sample menue


What is the electrical current like in Sudan?
There is 220v current with European-style plugs. 

Is vaccination needed for travelling to Sudan?
It is recommended but not mandatory for travellers to Sudan to get vaccination against: Hepatitis A (high risk of contagion), Hepatitis B (moderate risk of contagion), Typhus and rabies. However it is mandatory to get the vaccination against yellow fever if you enter Egypt after your stay in Sudan.

Make sure your passport is valid at least six months beyond the date on which you plan to leave the country

Make sure you review and meet global visa and/or immigration requirements for your nationality and the visa policy of  Egypt AND/OR Sudan . Many countries require you to apply for and receive your visa in advance. Some countries may require proof of onward travel, such as a return plane ticket, as part of their entry requirements

Mobile phones can be used in Sudan. Contact your local mobile service provider for rates and details.

Friday is the official day off and in some offices Saturday as well. 

Public Holidays 

Tips is a way of gratitude and appreciation from your side and it is very importatnt in Middle-East and in the Arabic world.


Dive accident insurance (to include medical evacuation) is mandatory for divers of all ages on all our trips: please bring your certificate as proof

·Travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance (to include storm coverage where appropriate to the type of dive vacation booked) are strongly recommende




  • Before the trip MY GALAXY 720 LIVEABOARD departs from Port Sudan for Sudan liveaboard trips.

  • There are flights from Cairo to Port Sudan with Egypt Air and Sudan Airways. This is a much easier route than flying into Khartoum.

  • Included in the Sudan visa fee are return transfers from Port Sudan to the departure point.

  • The first and last nights of the itinerary are spent in the harbour.

  • Guests arrive and board on the first day.

  • The boat leaves the harbour on the morning of the second day.

  • The boat leaves the harbour on the morning of the second day.

  • Full tourist visas are available only at the airport for citizens of certain countries, unless obtained in advance.

  • Please ensure you understand the tourist visa requirements that apply to you.

  • The last dive of the trip will be at around 12:00 noon on the second last day of the trip.

  • Check out is next morning from 9 am after breakfast

  • Please wait at least 18 hours before flying after diving.



  •  Itinerary and number of dives are indicative and subject to weather and conditions safety will always comes first

  • All diving passengers must provide their dive certification card and their logboOK

  • Dive computers are mandatory for all our liveaboard trips: please bring your own or arrange with us in advance to rent one

  • Surcharges/local fees (fuel surcharges, distance fees, harbor fees etc. ) may change at very short notice, driven by local conditions, changes to government policy, oil price changes, etc..

  • A change in these fees does not give you the right to cancel