Tips for embarking on a diving live aboard

A live aboard is the ultimate way to live the divers dream of dive-eat-sleep-repeat. You will have maximum under water time and good diving conversations during your surface interval. It’s a great way of traveling, but don’t join a live aboard without preparing. You have to realize it’s also hard work with a daily schedule of 6:00 wake up, 6:30 first briefing, dive, breakfast, briefing, dive, lunch, briefing, dive, dinner, optional night dive and then going to bed. It’s amazing and at the same time intensive and exhausting when you are not in a good physical shape. Here are ten tips to keep in mind before you board: 1. Take time to acclimatize Arrive early to allow your body to acclimatize t

Embarking on a live aboard to the Deep South of the Red Sea in Egypt

I just came home from a live aboard in the Red Sea in Egypt. I embarked on MY Galaxy, the most luxurious boat I have ever seen. I travelled to the Deep South of the Red Sea in Egypt to dive world famous sites as the Brothers, Deadalus en Elphinstone. It’s the same route I did last september, but my experience was totally different, on the boat as well as in the water. This time the whole trip was managed perfectly and there was a lot of attention for safe diving. My dives can’t be compared with the dives I did last september. Then it was mad shark diving. We were all the time out in the blue in strong currents surrounded by many sharks. It was literaly sharks everywhere. This time the curren

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